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Fake Stores


There are many stores selling merchandise much similar to ours with very low prices, and usually these fake stores have an unrelatable domain name to the products they are selling. E.g: www.artsfurniture.com 

It is quite possible that these fake stores are coming from India.

When you contact them, they do not reply and you will sometimes get a message showing that their contact email does not even exist.

It seems that their purpose is to either collect your personal information and/or obtain as many orders as possible with the purpose of not shipping them.

These stores tend to shut down quite fast and re-open under another domain name to continue their scam.

We advise you to please be careful of these fake stores as there seems to be quite a few of them floating around the internet.



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  • Evelyn Reyes on

    You are absolutely correct regarding these stores. Every time I search for any kind of replica product I encounter this particular store that you mention. As a matter of fact this store has numerous other stores that are recognizable because of there format and, of course their very low pricing

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