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Timeless Trends: Always in Style

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Fashion trends are constantly evolving and emerging. Yet, there are certain wardrobe staples that never go out of style. These apparels are something that every woman has/needs in her ideal wardrobe. With some of these trends being centuries old, the fact that they are still a part of modern day fashion trends only emphasizes its importance.

Unleash the fashionista within you with these rudiments of the fashion world.  

Clothing - Timeless Trends: Always in Style

The Classic White T-Shirt

The plain white t-shirt is like a blank canvas. There is so much that can be created using a classic white tee. While is works wonderfully as an underneath layer to your button-up shirts or sweaters; when worn with a simple worn out pair of jeans, the white tee exudes simplicity, and the best of casual looks. With a v-neck, this timeless piece of apparel gives the appearance an added edgy of femininity. What’s more? They can be coupled with almost anything in any color you desire.  

The Turtlenecks

Dating back to the 15th century, the turtleneck has successfully evolved into chic, neck-hugging, high-collar folds over time. Although, not as popular as they were back then, the turtleneck proves ideal for cold weathers. Being snugly fit to the neck and chest, they single-handedly serve the purpose of keeping the upper torso warm. Best thing about turtle necks? They come in dresses, cardigans, and shirts – you have the liberty to choose whichever style you prefer.

Dress - Timeless Trends: Always in Style

The Little Black Dress  

This one is an all-rounder, created by none other than Coco Chanel herself! And we know you ladies love it. Not only does it make you appear slimmer, but adds an element of sensuality as well. You can wear it to a formal evening event, and a subtle one if worn right would do great at the workplace to – the versatility a little black dress offers is immense. If you still don’t have one, buy a little black dress today!

Collar Shirts

Just like the turtle necks, collar shirts date back to the old fashion era. These shirts offer various styles that can be paired with skirts, pants, and even pair of jeans to complete a look. With buttons or without buttons, this classic fashion apparel is still as popular and a must-have for you ladies.

Given how much in trend these fashions are, it is not difficult to find them at any women’s clothing store near you. However, if you are looking for best quality, latest designs, and affordable prices, check out our range of designer inspired clothing for women. Get your hands on the best TODAY! 

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