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4 Must-Know Styling Tips to pull off a Classy look with Floral Dresses

Floral prints are the best way to express and celebrate femininity. Casual occasions, an outdoor picnic, a vacation – floral sarongs and dresses make appropriate attire for all. They are gorgeous, light, fun, and fashion forward.

All you need to do is make sure you don’t go overboard when creating a look with them. Follow these tips to help you stay on track.

Beware of Too Much Print

A dress covered with flowers is an attention grabber in itself. Pairing it with accessories, or clothing pieces with busy prints will take the charm away. Therefore, when choosing what to pair your floral dress with, look for pieces that complement the dress and accentuate its beauty. Keep aside all those articles that might overwhelm you dress.

Get Some Belts

Looking to add interest to your dress? Pair it with a belt! Remember, your dress is printed – you need a belt in a solid shade. The color should complement the floral on your attire; it could be the same color as the flowers on in, or you could opt for a striking contrast. Want to keep it simple? Think plain, thin leather belts.

Accessorize – But Not too Much

A girl has got to have her accessories, even if she going bright and bold with a floral print. The most important thing to remember is that your floral dress is a statement on its own – anything chunky, or distracting would not work. Choose delicate pieces of jewelry like skinny bracelets, tiny earrings, and dainty chains in gold or silver.

For footwear, the warm seasons give you a wider liberty as you can wear any sandals you like, whether high-heeled or flat as long as they match. For winters select pumps, or flats; slingbacks can be a good option too.

Don’t Forget the Season

It is imperative that you match your floral prints to the seasons. Warm weathers are great to wear light-colored or pastel florals, while you can don darker flowers in winter and fall.

Try not to pick unattractive hues of flowers, like browns that appear too muddy or greys that are equally unappealing. Stick to red, orange, purple, yellow, pink, blue, and other shades that can be easily found in nature.

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